The conceptual definition seems to be: XENOVERSE is an unknown set. Metaverse is a known set. Omniverse is a whole set of known and unknown.



The term Metaverse has become popular these days, but its definition varies from person to person. I am also thinking of one definition. I will introduce it. It may contain a little my delusion, but the general definition of future Metaverse, which I think of, is "social infrastructure and platforms that can build a human community across space-time gaps in the universe." The following is a supplement to my definition. My definition includes some future possibilities. These future possibilities I think include the realization of Quantum-entangled non-delayed space communications and the realization of a warp drive engine that has evolved from the recent success of small warp bubble generation. Furthermore, I think some people also got the inspiration from the paper "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser" published in Physical Review Letters 20 years ago. In the near future, Mr. Elon Reeve Musk may realize human migration to Mars. This migration to Mars will create a space-time gap. I believe that it is important to work with mechanisms based on new scientific and physical discoveries for the continued progress of Metaverse in the future.
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メタバースという用語は最近人気がありますが、その定義は人によって異なります。私も一つの定義を考えています。紹介します。 それには少し私の妄想が含まれているかもしれませんが、私が考える将来のメタバースの一般的な定義は、「宇宙の時空のギャップを越えて人間のコミュニティを構築できる社会インフラとプラットフォーム」です。 以下は私の定義の補足です。私の定義には、いくつかの将来の可能性が含まれています。 これらの将来の可能性には、量子もつれの非遅延宇宙通信の実現と、最近の小さなワープバブル生成の成功から進化したワープドライブエンジンの実現が含まれると思います。さらに、20年前にPhysical ReviewLettersに掲載された論文「A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser」からもインスピレーションを得た人もいると思います。 近い将来、イーロン・リーブ・マスク氏は火星への人間の移動を実現するかもしれません。この火星への移行は時空のギャップを生み出します。 メタバースの今後の継続的な進歩のためには、新しい科学的および物理的発見に基づくメカニズムと連携することが重要であると私は信じています。 #メタバース#未来派
The metaverse is a virtual space told in a science fiction novel. On the other hand, the term "mete" is used in object-oriented models. If you intend to have the same meaning as the term "meta" in an object-oriented model, you can imagine a composition that gives rise to derived VERSE that includ the attributes of METAVERSE for sharing. The multiverse, which has the Metaverse at its core, reveals the possibility of innovation in the real world. In Metaverse, it may be seen as a basic platform for sharing space and time between cyber beings in various space-times. Therefore, in order for the Metaverse to be truly completed, it is essential to advance the understanding of space-time through quantum mechanics. To date, various discoveries and new theories have emerged in the field of quantum mechanics, so I hope that more and more ideas will come out in the future to accelerate the completion of the Metaverse.
We believe that the completion of the Metaverse is essential by the time space colonization begins. If the immigrants feel that the communication transmission time is slow even at the speed of light, they cannot share the life of the global sphere. With the completion of the Metaverse, people outside the Earth's sphere will share the same time and space, and will be able to see their lives without feeling the difference in physical space-time.
Cheers for the future!
[AN EXAMPLE FOR MORE UNDERSTANDING SPACE-TIME] Metaverse and Non-delay Comm. by "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser"

I think some people got the inspiration from the paper "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser" published in Physical Review Letters 20 years ago.
I have now begun to hypothesize that delay-free communication will be possible. So, I would like to know if anyone is conducting a verification experiment with an experimental device with a different structure.
At that time, I was already in employment and didn't know the experiment. I really feel sad.
However, I feel that expectations for the future are increasing.

If the facts verified by the experiments in that paper are correct, I hypothesize that the experiments in this figure will also change the fringes.
I've been out of this field for decades, making theoretical calculations difficult for me. I have high expectations for young people who are active.
Thank you.

That's right. If the electron eraser experiment is a problem to find a solution by path integral, the vibration of the screen as my idea will change the range of path integral over time. Mathematically, this temporal change will bring about a change in the whole state at the same time, so if the amplitude is observable, is it possible to convey information without delay?

If non-delayed two-way communication can be realized by quantum communication using quantum entanglement, it will be possible to share the same time in cyberspace (so-called metaverse) even in the era of space colonization. Considering that the sharing of time is realized by the metaverse, the real world becomes a sub-verse (derivative berth), and as a perception, the virtual and physical worldviews may be reversed.
もし、量子もつれを利用した量子通信で、無遅延の双方向通信が実現できれば、宇宙移住時代でも、サイバー空間(所謂、メタバース)では、同じ時(とき)を共有できるようになる。 時(とき)の共有がメタバースで実現されると考えると、実世界は、サブバース(派生バース)となり、知覚として、仮想と物理の世界観が逆転するかもしれない。

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